About Me

Here’s a low down on the low brow facets of my life. My name is Lance Lijewski. I’m a twenty year old college student. I’m obsessed with faith, family, and work. In that exact order.

Sliding in some non-essential but stellar demographics to follow, I’m a Wisconsin born Portland, Oregon raised social introvert. I’m the oldest of seven sons, a concert junkie, and a die hard career-aspiring student journalist. Interested, yet?

This blog is intended to be a platform for media content created in my Communications 210 class. This content will follow a superficial but educational theme titled “About Me.” Who doesn’t like to tlak about themselves?

Ultimately, I anticipate this semester long project to assist in my career aspirations and possibly provide  a reality outlet a tad more relateable than than Pimp My Ride or Bey-Z. It’s up to this crazy place we call the Inter-webs to decide whether this will honestly amount to anything.


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