Wrap-Up blog post


This semester, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Photoshop. While it was the easiest unit, it is the unit that I apply most regularly in my life. I regularly take high quality photos, and an enhanced ability to use Photoshop has been a huge benefit.

I learned, throughout this entire course, how to maximize my use of the Adobe Creative Suit. I know many individuals who own this product, therefore I have plans to continue practicing what I have learned. This will heighten my abilities to use this tool more effectively in the field, in the future.

I struggled to complete the Illustrator graphics. However, I learned how to begin utilizing the software, which I was completely unfamiliar with before. In the end, I felt comfortable enough to utilize tutorials provided online and move forward in my learning after the class has come to a close.

It is my intention to work with multi-media journalism. I would like to work with hyper-local publications and bridge the gap between digital and print media. Learning how to edit photos, create graphics, create audio clips, and develop videos will allow me to have an edge in this field. These abilities will allow me to create content that is unique to both platforms, with some cross over material.

There is nothing I desire to have learned that I did not learn here in this class. This class did a very thorough job of briefly reviewing the basics of this vast, complex softare.

I found multiple websites, via Google, that were useful. Most of the material provided through the classes blog did more than enough to help me learn, however, outside websites helped generate creativity and make my projects more flexible. What the blog material lacked in variety, these websites sufficed. Each are sited in my prior blog posts.

I am thankful for the assistance I received from the professor and assistants.


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