Final video project

My final video project tells the story of a newspaper issue in production. It describes my involvement, as well as my team’s involvement, and entails how the paper is made for others.

I work for The Daily Evergreen and spend several nights a week producing news content for a community centered audience. My video project falls in line with my “About Me” theme as it briefly recaps in story form a night in the newsroom.

The story begins in the morning, setting up a news receiving scenario. This is illustrated with a laptop and a tablet. The story then moves on to my position, the purpose of the Daily Evergreen, and a brief summary of important production factors.

Focus shifts on me as I use different angles to convey work entirely completed in front of a computer screen. A self narrative explains what is being done and the importance of this all being completed by our deadline, which is 10 pm. Our deadline is met and the story simmers to a halt.

I used two songs credited at the end of the video, and layered a typewriter demo track over the music. I layered my narrative beneath the footage The work that I did to remedy what faults my video had, those faults that were noticed in the comments, include new shots in the introduction I left black but outlined on my storyboard.

In accordance with suggested improvements, I altered the sound by increasing dialogue and decreasing music levels. I recorded my narrative, then spliced it in. Transitions were inserted and placed, as well as titles and end credits, right before I finished production.

I learned how to utilize what I learned in Audition, create audio tracks, and apply it to what I learned in the Premiere tutorial. I learned how to complete one project I always thought would require multiple people, but completed it on my own.

I am satisfied with my final product.


  • 0:00 – 0:10 Single aerial shot of bowl being placed on wooden table. Bran flakes and milk will be poured into the bowl.
  • Title graphically flashes across screen, which is: You, Me, and a Newspaper
  • 0:10 – 0:25 Cell phone is pulled out and left hand begins sliding through social media as right hand manages cereal.


  • 0:25 – 0:28 Cereal stuff


  • 0:28 – 0:31 Shot of Murrow East at night.


  • 0:31 – 0:38 Camera shot of Student Media Service hours plaque that pans down to hallway/path to newsroom.


  • 0:39 – 0:44 Newsroom banner.
  • 0:44 – 0:55 Shot of Nathan Howard, Editor-in-chief, explaining the significance of The Daily Evergreen and its purpose (briefly).
  • 0:56 – 1:04 Pan of Newsroom.


  • 1:04 – 1:22 Shot of Michelle Fredrickson, Managing Editor, explaining my significance in the newsroom.
  • 1:22 – 1:32 Shot of cluttered desk. Clutter is shoved off by me. Two dummy sheets of paper that show what the pages I have to work with look like are placed down.


  • 1:32 – 1:40 Shot of me arriving at desk and beginning to work.


  • 1:40 – 2:02 Three different angles, five shots, of me typing.


  • 2:02 – 2:26 Time lapse of me laying out part of page, photos specifically.


  • 2:26 – 2:50 Shot of Nathan Howard explaining deadline and the necessity of publishing on time.
  • 2:50 – 3:00 Shot of print copies of my section being examined before deadline. Being examined for publication.


  • 3:00 – 3:06 Shot of Nathan exporting/sending to printers.
  • 3:06 – 3:10 Shot of clock, not quite being 10pm yet, signifying deadline was made.
  • 3:10 – 3:15 Newspaper


  • 3:15 – 3:20 End Credits

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