Raw Footage and a cry for help

About a decade ago an episode of SpongeBob Squarepants was released on Nickelodeon that had it’s feature character learning how to be a classy waiter. While learning to be a classy waiter, Spongebob reaches a point where he snaps. He has so much stuff on his mind that he forgets his name. Dozens of mini-Spongebobs begin racing around his brain burning and shredding everything he’s ever known. They have a meltdown.

I kinda feel like that with this project.

We’re going into unit 4. While I’ve procrastinated a lot this semester and am performing fairly average in this class, I’ve learned a lot. Inside and out. I can take photos, generate text based content, and manipulate material in Photoshop and Illustrator fairly well. I can even produce video content. However, I have so many other things on my mind not related to communications I’ve blanked on how to do it all.

I’m dry on ideas, inspirations, and drive to achieve basic digital functions.

So, I did what I do best. I scribbled “notes,” or rather snagged a few minutes of footage in The Daily Evergreen’s newsroom. My theme is “About Me” and I spend about half of my time working for The Daily Evergreen. I’m an assistant news editor and reporter. It consumes a good portion of my life.

Because of this, I’ve uploaded a seven minute video of Go Pro footage. Only one, not two like I was assigned. I fell short. I apologize.

Despite my shortcomings, the intent of this project is to tell the story of a newspaper’s single issue production. But I don’t know how to do it.

Do I make it first person? Like, a POV? Or do I film it with outside tools and script it like a tutorial? Or a documentary? Should it all be video footage? Should it have photos? There will be a voice over, but should I make msuic a more dominant portion?

My brain is on fire right now.

So, if you are reading this and wouldn’t mind giving me feedback, please, share your thoughts. I’d like to compensate for my lack of efforts with a badass video that makes the newsroom look more “awesome” than “awful.”

I’ve placed a link to my rubric below and the raw footage as well:



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