Final Audio Story

Creating a clean, neatly clipped audio story is not easy. I mean, you would think it should. Grab some audio footage, download a song, and clip it together in a three minute time slot. What you don’t realize is the audio can be muddy, the song inappropriate, or the edits rough.

I managed to produce an approximately three minute long audio story about me. It wasn’t with a lot of work, great suggestions, and a handful of problems I couldn’t overcome.

The audio story begins with me introducing my involvement with Resonate Church. I transition into dialogue taken from a student member and personal mentor. The footage is moderately strong in the beginning. It is audible.

Initially, it wasn’t. But a comment posted earlier in the week suggested that I boost the volume. Another suggested adding music. I did both and tried to blend the two together.

As the clip plays the audio grows weaker and the balance between the music and dialogue seems to become imbalanced. I worked on fixing this issue, with some success. However, I’m convinced that the muddy dialogue can not be remedied in any way other than rerecording with better equipment.

All of the audio used in my project was collected on my cell phone.

So, I finalized the project with what material I had. I rerecorded some transitional dialogue for clarity. Hopefully, the piece is audible enough to be understood.

With that, the overall tone should be a brief explanatory story or short documentary. I decided to work on something that would be practical in brand journalism or PR; generating my content from personal experience and applying it to an organization I associate with.

The story is completely non-fiction. While most of it is explainitory, conflict is briefly mentioned towards the end.

Based on my rubric, I did the best that I could to generate a constant narrative with limited interruptions that presents a story related to my “about me” blog theme. I intend to expand on this subject matter and practice clear recording practices in my next project, which will include video footage.


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