Audio Draft

I do a lot on campus. I work with student media services, I volunteer with a collegiate church ministry, I attempt to stay active in school, an I have a ton of friends and family to juggle.

This audio draft focuses particularly on my involvement with Resonate Church. It’s a major aspect of my life. It affects my family, my work, my school, and my faith. It’s the key to knowing anything about me.

Before you listen, let me lay out my plan of attack for the future of this track.

I’m shooting for a simple piece that is designed more for a spiritual audience. It will be constructed so that individuals not involved with Resonate will understand the content, but unfortunately, do to some of the interview material, context might be lost.

The draft track begins with an unedited intro spoken by myself, which I will most likely replace for quality purposes.

A segment from an interview with a personal mentor of mine is spliced in. His name is Chance Chaffin. He works closely with me in many different aspects of my life. He describes Resonate’s mission and purpose.

A segment from an interview with a friend of mine is spliced in beside that. His name is Joshua Eckburg. He works closely with me in one area of my Resonate involvement. He also works closely and is roommates with Chaffin. He describes a part of my involvement with Resonate.

The final segment is Chaffin, once again. He closes the draft out with the rest of my involvement with Resonate.

I did not do much editing to this draft because I’ve decided to get fresh audio over the weekend. Right now I have general content spliced where I intend to replace it.

My goal is to create a 3 minute track that describes as simply as possible the purpose of Resonate Church and my personal involvement. The piece will introduce me, talk about my desire to serve the church through writing, prayer, and leadership, and close with how it defines my identity.

With the feedback I’m hoping to gain some insight in to how I might better describe my activity in simpler, more abreviated terms. I would also like to learn how to evoke emotion, or additional emotion, through music. The words will not be enough.

I need wisdom in how to strengthen my piece.

I look forward to listening to my final project and somehow using it to inspire my final video project. All criticism is welcome.


2 thoughts on “Audio Draft

  1. I think it is great you chose to do this project on something you are obviously passionate about and have worked very hard on. I think it would help to throw some music in the background or something else people can focus on while listening to you talk just to help stay zoned into what you are saying. I liked how you can inform people about what is going on with this church through this project. Great way to see how this class can be useful in real world situations.


  2. Super cool story Lance, I really liked how you talked about what seems like a big part of your life. I think you should add in some sound effects or something like a transition song because it is a little dry and the audio is quite “boring” I would say spice up the audio to grab your listeners a little more, make it something they want to listen to, not something they have to. Another thing I would do is boost the volume on the audio files because I can barely hear them talking with my laptop at full blast. Other than that I really like your audio story and the fact that it is about religion. It did make me interested in church you attend and the actives that you do there and I might just have to check it out sometime. Keep up the good work and try and make the story and little more gripping next time!


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