Final Logo

This project ended up being much more complicated than I anticipated. However, I completed a logo despite this.

My original plan was to create an awesome looking logo that would have my name, Lance, pierced by a lance and the silhouette of a knight’s helmet placed above it. I was stoked. I thought it would look badass. I thought it would be easy. I thought I would find the time to complete it. None of that happened.

So, what resulted was an insane amount of last minute research and ultimately simple last minute design. My inspiration came from the only two Illustrator tutorials I managed to complete last week.

I forced myself to remain simple because I did not manage to complete all of the tutorials for Illustrator, therefore, I didn’t learn much. Because I did not learn much, I was incapable of executing my vision, which hurt and was embarrassing.

After watching half a dozen videos on how to draw with the pen tool, how to create silhouettes, and how to use a bunch of other tools, I tried to trouble shoot new ideas. I decided to completely scratch my previous idea and just whip something new together.

I was hard pressed to somehow incorporate a lance and my name. So, remembering what I had learned from the first tutorial that I did, I created a lance and constructed a hand griping the handle.

To add dimension to the lance I messed with the gradient and altered the stroke. I kept the hand dark for contrast. I used a simple but professional font. I called it good.

Before saving, I revisited comments from my draft post and realized I couldn’t really apply anything since I scratched my original idea. There was a suggestion to have the lance breaking my name apart. I thought that was cool but didn’t have enough time to try and do that.

I needed to finish, so I did finish. I completed the assignment.

Now, I’m not entirely proud of my finished project. I’m pleased I managed to construct something. But, in all honestly, I learned more about overconfidence and poor design skills leading to failure than anything worth while in regards to the rubric and all honesty.

I hope this is graded harshly. I wouldn’t give it more than a C, at best.

I pulled a Kanye. I thought I was awesome and could pull something together last minute. I ultimately realize that I can’t and that Adobe Design takes time.

This is my logo. An “about me” themed play on words.



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