Logo Draft Assignment

I have the opportunity to be really creative and enjoy Illustrator with this project.

If you don’t know already, my name is Lance. And, well, the projects and posts that I have presented here are themed “All About Me.” It’s part of my Communications 210 class.

With “Lance,” a couple of cultural references are ripe for visual representation. Lance Armstrong, the shamed medal winning cyclist is one figure who I could play off of for my logo. The fabled Sir Lancelot is another.

As I skimmed through source material provided by us that illustrated simple examples for our logo presentations, I became stumped. Like, seriously, how can I summarize my entire personality in one image.

Then, my inspiration appeared out of that veil of frustration. Why not play on other figure’s personalities?

So, my draft, which is admittedly rough, presents half of the logo. That half is incomplete as well.

My drawings, which are not presented on this blog, consist of my name in print – a literal lance (weapon) piercing the text – beneath a silhouette of a knight and horse.

The “idea” of the text is presented below. In order to better grasp what the silhouette will look like, which is absent from my draft, look up the Dark Horse Comic logo on another search engine.

When I began to work on my logo, I realized that I do not have the skills to produce that kind of imagery. So, I’ve reached out to graduate friends of mine for guidance in my pursuit of developing my logo. They have agreed to coach my efforts.

My intention is to develop this logo and use it as a way to advertise the fabled persona that I hold.

Many people, upon first encounter with me, immediately associate the figure of Sir Lancelot with my name, jokingly. Then who I am currently begins to reveal itself.

The idea of being playfully deceptive entices me and seems fun. I look forward to gaining hands on coaching from friends and presenting my finished piece next week.

Hopefully, I will expand out of my Illustrator comfort zone. That currently lies in the “I’m gunna make a bunch of boxes and see what happens” area.

I’ll kill it. I know.

Draft of logo


3 thoughts on “Logo Draft Assignment

  1. I read your blog post first and was really impressed. For a while I have been wondering what a good blog post should sound like and yours made quite an impression on me. You said your design is not even half done yet which makes it a little hard for my critique. Through what your blog post said, I really like the ideas you have and how you came up with the idea for this project. On what you have made so far, I would say it might come up as a little simple. Right now it looks like some text with two shapes on top of it. I think for your final you would need something that might pop a little more with maybe more of a wow factor. I know you are not finished on your design, that is just what I would say based on your draft.


  2. First off you’re really good at making blog posts. Reading through your post I was able to get a pretty good glimpse of the type of person you are. In terms of your logo, I like it and think it looks good. Obviously it does a good job of representing your topic it’s your name and the topic is you. It’s very clever how you have an actual lance going through the name lance. Although it’s a good looking logo, I would add some more effects and colors to it for your final. I read that you still plan on working on it a lot more so I am sure you have something good planned. Overall, I like the idea and I am sure your final will turn out looking great. Good Job!


  3. Lance, I like the direction you are trying to take this. I think that making a lance through your Lance would be cool and clever. The ideas for your final draft sound like they will look really good even though I’m having a hard time picturing it with what you have on your blog so far. One suggestion I would make would be to obviously finish your rough draft and include everything that you mentioned above in a lot of detail, especially if you’re going to keep everything black. I also suggest maybe making more of an impact with your logo. What I mean by that is to make the piercing lance really big and have it injure your name in some way, or maybe have pieces of your name breaking off so that it doesn’t just look like a line going through your name. Overall I’m sure it will look awesome.


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