Final Graphic Collage

This is my completed photo collage. I’ve self-titled it “About Me: Priorities.”

Faith, family, work, and school are my only priorities. Yes, I have a lot of other things I’m concerned about or appreciate or attempt to be involved in.

Those other things though are more like art, television, music, and how many pieces of pizza I can down in an hour.  The four mentioned in the previous paragraph take precedence over literally everything else in my life.

Faith is the biggest component, providing a moral code and being a constant source of encouragement. Family follows, governing much of my emotions and fueling my drive to be a better man. Work is a driving force, as I am a career driven individual and what I produce is an extension of myself. School comes in last, but not least, as it is my bridge to my career and a source of freedom through knowledge.

My goal with this project was to create a Photoshop collage that best represented my Communications 210 them “About Me.” I’m not so much about myself as myself is about everyone else around me. I feel confident that I best represented both sides of that grammatical equation.

In order to gain inspiration from the collage, I analyzed and shared in a previous post a tutorial posted by blogger “retrohipmomma.”

I know what you’re thinking ridiculous name. Right!? Yeah, if anything she should have at least gone with “hipstermomma” to simplify and intergrate herself properly with today’s culture. But, whatever. I’m digressing.

“Retrohipmomma” created her collage to share the best photographed segments of 2013. I wanted to do that with my priorities.

So, I gave it a shot.

When I had my idea finalized, I scrapped all of the photos I originally intended to use and pulled new photos that better represented my vision. Then I began the digital Photoshop process.

There was a problem though. Her tutorial was difficult to hear and follow. Also, it was time consuming. She created one letter at a time. I didn’t have that luxury, unfortunately, seeing that I had two exams occurring this last week and a hell of a work schedule the last two.

Instead, this afternoon, I sought out the assistance of another tutorial. This tutorial was a Youtube video posted by RiverCityGraphix and provided me step-by-step assistance in developing image text.

It was simple. It was easy. To be completely honest, it eased a lot of anxiety.

Within about an hour or so I was able to create text, place photos, manipulate layers, and create clipping masks that resulted in my desired product.

Before finalizing my project, I reviewed comments left by other Communications 210 students. Much of their insight was vague because I did not leave much to critique with my initial draft.

However, in my first post, I made my idea clear. That clarity allowed an image to be grasped by readers and it was praised. They gave me tips in writing a clear conclusion on this post, and encouraged me to keep things simple. I hope I have done that.

If I had more time, and I may still do this for my own enjoyment over the weekend, I would like to place individual photos in each letter of my collage. Until then, the photos currently placed within the entirety of words fully represent the theme of my  collage.

I am satisfied with my collage.

unnamed (3)


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