Graphic collage draft

This is a rough, ROUGH draft of a photo collage I am working on for Communications 210.

Its appearance practically begs one to cry foul and decry any amount of effort I may claim to have put into this piece. To an extent it deserves it. However, a lot of creative thought has been put into the “idea” of the project. I am simply struggling to find a way to actually achieve it.

My goal for this collage is to create a stack of four words, which include: faith, family, work, school. In each letter of each word a photo representing the essence of each line will be placed inside.

The four words mentioned are the focuses of my life. They are my priorities. Because of this, I have hundreds of photos related to these words.

Bad habit or not, I like to thank the social media happy culture I live in for my overabundance of documentation.

To be honest, it’s a little cheesy and a tad Pintrest-y. Whatever, though. I found and image via Google that sparked my interest. It inspired me. There happened to be a tutorial attached. Here is a link to the blog Retrohipmama:

I plan on using this tutorial to help me create a collage that best presents my class related theme “About Me.” Photos of co-workers, photos of family, photos of the church I attend, and photos of non-Com 210 related class-work will compile within the text boxes. Since yesterday, I’ve watched the tutorial a couple of times over and plan on putting it into action this weekend after I download a free trial of Adobe Photoshop. Hopefully, the piece turns out how I anticipate. Hopefully, it looks better than a Safeway mail-in food advertisement. I look forward to producing for you – the reader – a collage that will blow your mind. I guarantee it will make up for the digital template spill you’re fortunate enough to witness below.

ROUGH, rough draft


3 thoughts on “Graphic collage draft

  1. I do not know whether you forgot to include your collage, I cannot see it, or if it is a work in progress that you plan to post at a later time. However, I could not see the collage you wrote about, but I do look forward to viewing it. I think you have a great idea, it is now just about putting those actions into a result! I like the idea of compiling those four words into one collage that means a lot to you. I look forward to seeing your collage when you do decide to post it.


  2. I think the idea you have for this project is very intriguing. Those four words give me an immediate image of your life and your beliefs, and I think that is great. I also really like your idea to stack words and put a different picture with each word. I think that will look really good when you are finished with it. I think it could be a little hard to have four pictures and words on so many layers and still have the collage look neat and legible. I hope when it is all stacked we can tell what picture goes with each word. I think your blog does a good job explaining your project and letting us know important information about your topic. I know it is a very rough draft of the collage right now and it is hard to say anything bad about your idea and image of the project. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. -Joe


  3. The link wouldn’t open for me, and I’m not sure if your collage was in the link or if it was something else. but based on your description of the collage, it sounds like a pretty solid one!


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